The NCE explains changes and additions to the Law “On Combating Corruption”
В НЦЭ разъяснены изменения и дополнения к Закону «О противодействии коррупции» 04.10.2023

A seminar-meeting was held on the basis of the National Center of Expertise on the topic: “Anti-corruption policy” under the chairmanship of acting. Chairman of the Board of the Center Talgat Suyundikov.

The event was attended by the officer for particularly important cases of the Anti-Corruption Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zhazira Zhylkyshieva, employees of branches and structural divisions of the central office of the NCE.

This seminar-meeting is dedicated to explaining legislative changes in combating corruption.

Opening the event, acting Chairman of the Board Talgat Suyundikov noted that the anti-corruption compliance service of the Enterprise is carrying out a number of anti-corruption activities and measures for the implementation of anti-corruption legislation are published on the NCE corporate website.

During the meeting, the officer for particularly important cases of the Anti-Corruption Agency, Zhazira Zhylkyshieva, told the participants about the prevention and combating of corruption, which remains one of the priorities in society.

According to Zhazira Zhylkyshieva, the anti-corruption service plans to introduce a public register of corrupt officials, which will include all the data of a person convicted of corruption.

She also touched upon the issues of anti-corruption restrictions on the inadmissibility of joint service of close relatives. That is, employees cannot occupy positions that are directly subordinate to positions occupied by their close relatives.

In addition, during the seminar, participants were informed about the articles of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan on criminal liability for corruption.

As a result of the conference, all branches and departments of the Enterprise were given instructions to comply with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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